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What is a “Remote Area“?

A remote area is defined as a place that is not close to any larger city or any other point, where local depots of courier companies are located. Courier companies consider these areas difficult to reach, and therefore, they apply additional costs.

Why can we offer a cheap rate towards all the remote areas of the World?
Simply because we ship through the most reliable Courier with the largest number of depots: the Postal Service!

Do you have a Post Office nearby? Than submit your order, sit back and enjoy our flat shipping rate.
Your pump will arrive whithin 2 or 3 weeks with no additional surcharges (10/15 working days are a good average as transit time, wherever you are).

Your parcel travels with the passenger flights, usually it is customs cleared and leaves the Airport of Vienna whithin 48 hours. The standard insurance is 100USD but we offer also additional coverage upon request.


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